[ES!] Chiaki Morisawa – Management Story


With Kaoru

Location: Classroom 3-A

Hmhmhm~ Hmhmhmmm~♪

You’re in a good mood, Morisawa-kun~ Did something nice happen to you?

Fuhahaha! I’m glad you asked, Hakaze!

No, no, you clearly looked like you were waiting for someone to ask. Like, unbearably so.

Mhm! My bad! You see, my favorite tokusatsu show is going to have a movie!

I wanted to share this wonderful news with someone, so I ended up humming for attention!

Mm… Couldn’t you just share that kinda stuff with someone who also likes tokusatsu? I don’t have any interest in it, y’know~?

True, I could’ve, but I really couldn’t hold back my urge to tell someone!

If anything nice happens to you, feel free to tell me all about it! Even if I don’t know anything about the topic, I’ll be happy about it with you…☆

Ahaha~ Thanks. I think it’s nice that you’re that type of person, yeah~

Ooh! Thank you! Let’s hang out, Hakaze! We’ll watch the movie together once it comes out!

Yeah, no thanks. No way I’ll ever go to a movie with a guy~♪

With Tetora

Location: Park

The red flame is the mark of justice! The sun of life, burning bright red! Ryusei Red! Morisawa Chiaki…!

You say yours too, Nagumo! …Ah! Did you forget it by any chance? Alright then, I’ll say it right now, so make sure to remember it!

The black flame is the mark of effort! The burning fighting spirit, stained with mud! Ryusei Black! Nagumo Tetora…!

Umm… Taichou? Sorry for asking while you’re so excited, but… Couldja tell me why you called us here?

You told us to come over here after class, but I only see the two of us in this park…

Mhm, I’ve no idea where Kanata is, but Sengoku said he’d come, so he should be here soon.

The reason I called you all here is so we could perform a hero show. And also to practice our catchphrases!

Ahh, right, you want us to gather a crowd of kids again. But before I came here, Midori-kun told me somethin’ during class…

He said he won’t be able to come 'cuz he has to work at his family’s greengrocer.

Hold on, I wasn’t informed about this…? This means that me, you, and Sengoku are the only ones who’ll perform.

Well, no matter. Hardships are an inevitability for heroes! By overcoming them, you become qualified to call yourself one!

Oh! Here comes Sengoku. And the children are here, too. Now that we have our guests, we should start our hero show!

With Shu

Location: Handicrafts Clubroom

Itsuki, are you in here…!?

Non! Knock before you come in!

Sorry, sorry. The thing is, I've been looking for you because I have something to ask of you.

Something to ask of me…? Hmph, this isn’t going to be something frivolous, is it?

No, see… One of the Ryuseitai uniforms has started to come apart. Could you fix it for me, please?

I heard your uniforms were made by Kiryu. Shouldn’t you ask him, instead?

I’d love to, but… He wasn’t in the dojo, nor in his classroom… I think he’s gone home.

We have a hero show planned for tomorrow, so I need it fixed as soon as possible…

I’ll pay you, of course. I know I’m asking for a lot, but could you fix it by today? Please! I’m begging you!

Raise your head. You’ll probably remain here until I say yes, and that would cause me far more trouble. I will agree only this once.

Ohh, you’ll do it? Thank you, Itsuki! It’s so wonderful to have such kind classmates! ♪

With Midori

Location: Classroom 1-A

Takamine-kun, let’s go to the club!

Huh…? Um, sorry, who are you again…?

What!? Did you forget who I am, Takamine!? I’m the burning heart Morisawa Chiaki! I’m Ryuseitai’s leader, and the captain of the Basketball Club! ☆

Ah—So it was you… Ughh~ Don’t call me by “Takamine-kun” out of nowhere… It’s super weird…

Like, what happened to you…? Did you hit your head or something…?

Heheh, you see, you kept saying how you hated me being overbearing!

So I thought you may feel otherwise if I tried to be more charming!1

And so! Takamine-kun! Let’s go to the club! Let's shed the sweat of youth…☆

Ughh… You’re still coming right up into my personal space, so nothing’s actually changed, y’know…?

Huh!? So it didn’t work!? Mrrm, it’s hard to be charming!!

Nevertheless! We have practice today, so come join us, Takamine!

Ughh… You’ll drag me along with you no matter how many times I say no, won’t you…?

Meh, fine… I don’t have any work at the greengrocer’s today, and I have the time to spare…

Ohh!? Really!? I’m so happy to hear that, Takamine~♪

Alright! This is a great time to invite Akehoshi and the others over, as well! Fuhahaha! ☆

With Kanata

Location: Fountain

Hmhmhmm…♪ (Humming)

fufufu…♪ fufufufufu…♪

Woah—!? You surprised me, Kanata! You're bathing in the fountain again?

yes~ water is my [life force], after all.

would you like to join me, chiaki? the water is so cold and nice~♪

I'm reading a book right now, so I'd rather refrain from doing so.

[book]…? what kind of [book] are you reading?

Ohh!? Are you interested, Kanata!? It's a book that features every sentai hero in history! It's a precious treasure of mine~♪

mm~ not interested.

Why not!? Were we not brethren who share the same goal!? I believe in you, Kanata! I'm sure there's a part of you deep inside that admires heroes!

i do not really know what to say to that, you know… i still do not understand heroes that well.

but, i want to learn more about them. chiaki, could you read that [book] for me, please?

I don't mind, but I may as well lend it to you. It's my own copy, so you can return it to me anytime!

um… [books] get [drenched wet] whenever i read them, so…

i do not want to [ruin] your precious [book]. please do read it for me instead, chiaki.

Ohh, right, since you're always soaking with water… Very well then, I'll read it out loud to you!

Alright, let's have a fun reading session together~! Fuhahahahaha…!! ☆

With Keito

Location: Classroom 3-A

Bam! The hero has arrived…☆

Heh! Fear not, for I am here! I'll defeat all the evil in one swipe…☆

…What on earth are you doing, Morisawa.

Woah, Hasumi—!? Since when were you behind me…?

I was never once behind you, you were simply messing around in front of the classroom door.

Anyway, what were you doing?

Mm, do you know about the toku broadcasted on Sunday mornings? I was re-enacting a hero scene from the show!

Toku…? Ahh, you mean the hero shows, huh. Yeah, I've watched one before.

Wha—Really!? Are you interested in hero shows by any chance!?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I just happened to come across an episode one day when I turned the TV on.

Although, I do think it's pretty excellent for a children's show.

I forgot which series this was, but… I remember an episode where someone close to the protagonist fell ill to a chronic disease, and he had the opportunity to save them if he joined sides with the villains.

His close friend helped him time and time again, so he wanted to save them at any cost, but he knew they wouldn't forgive him for tainting his own hands for their sake.

In the end, after agonizing over what to do, he chose to be a hero… I found that very inspiring.

Ohh, I know that one! I've watched it plenty of times myself!

Wow, so even you've watched it, Hasumi!? I'm so happy~! We still have time before class starts, so let's talk about it a little more!

Ahhh, today's off to a wonderful start…☆

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Translation Notes

  1. This management story is implied to happen at a very early time in the school year, and Chiaki is trying to use “-kun” honorific (instead of his usual way of referring to someone) to be more charming.