Translation Guidelines

These are my personal preferences. Other translators may differ from the following, so please respect each of their wishes.

I permit:

※ Taking screenshots of my translations. You don't have to credit me unless you prefer to.
※ Re-translating my translations into a different language. I'd love it if you could give me a heads up in an email ( contact ), though!
※ Linking my translations in directories, etc. This means you're free to copy the URL of a translation and link it on a page. Please note that some translations may be on hold indefinitely.
※ Using my non-story translations (ex. card quotes, skill names, etc...) in the Enstars Wiki.
※ Using my translations in quotebots, fanworks, story analysis, etc. You don't have to credit me unless you prefer to.
※ Adjusting my translations in quotebots/fanworks/etc. for any of the following reasons:

  1. Changing the speech quirk for consistency/preference
  2. Adjusting pronouns to name, or name to pronoun for clarification
  3. Changing nicknames/namings for consistency/preference
  4. Adjusting grammar or punctuation for clarification

I do not permit:

※ I do NOT permit changing the original intent/script of my translations in any way. That would simply be a mistranslation of the original text, and I don't approve of that. This includes using inspect tool to change the script of the translation and then taking a screenshot of it.

※ I do NOT permit profiting off of my translations in any way. I don't do my unofficial translations for profit and I would like them to stay as non-profit. Please keep in mind that unofficial translations are typically illegal and this would cause legal repercussions on both parties.

All of the above applies ONLY to translations published on the site. For example, if there is a translation in here that links to a different site for a certain chapter, you must follow the terms and conditions of that translator, NOT mine.

If you have any inquiries, please ask me on twitter, or send an email to .

Reporting Mistakes

If you ever spot a typo, mistranslation, grammar or punctuation error in my translations;

Or if you spot an error (broken TL note, glitch, etc.) on the site;

Please feel free to let me know by messaging me on twitter or sending an email ( contact )! I'd be happy to know of any problems in my translations or website. Thank you!

Currently Working On

※ Translating the following stories:

※ Finished the following translations: