Stella Maris – Tetora Mini Talk: Preparing in Advance for a Job

Mini talk
Point of View


Uumyu… There's still so much I dunno…

Ah— Did I say that out loud!? I'm real sorry if I'm disturbing your break.

Huh? You'll hear me out? You're really kind, Anzu-Anego.

I'm a producer, after all.

Still, that doesn't automatically mean it's a natural part of the job.

There's no other producer out there who treats us this kindly than you, Anego. I'm always grateful to you~♪

You can speak to me about anything.

Ahaha, you're always so reliable. I really respect that 'bout you.

Hm… Aight, I'd like it if you could hear me out a li'l.

Are you tired?

Nah, not at all! As you can see, I'm filled to the brim with energy!

I'm feelin' pretty good lately, maybe 'cuz of this new exercise I added to my training regime recently. Muscles really are important to take care of…♪


Truth is, I have to do a job related to a fish commercial.

I thought to study up some more about fish, so I read a reference book I borrowed from Shinkai-senpai.

But there's just so many types of fish that I don't feel like I'll be able to learn any of 'em…

You'll have to go slowly, huh?

True, studying and training aren't something you can manage through in one night.

I dunno if this'll come in handy, but… I'll keep looking through the book 'til the day our job starts!

How about someone teaches you?

At first, I thought to ask Shinkai-senpai teach me, but while there are times his explanations are easy to understand, there are also just as many where it's impossible to…

So for now, I'll do my best on my own as much as I can. If I really can't manage it, I'll ask him.

What about going to the aquarium?

Oh yeah, maybe it'll be easier to remember if I were to see them in real life.

I think I'll try and find the time to go to one! I'm so glad I asked you for advice, Anego~♪


I've got no choice but to go step by step, and start from whatever I'm capable of. I'll also ask Shinobu-kun and Midori-kun for their advice.

But huh, after using my head, I'm getting the urge to move my body…

I wonder if the training room's free right now? If it is, I think I'll do some light training!

It was free.

Ah, you passed by that room?

Then I'll head over there now. Thank you for all your help, Anego!

I'll prepare a towel for you.

Huh? No, no, I'll prepare that myself. I can't keep takin' more of your time!

But I appreciate the thought, Anego. You've given me the strength to work hard in my training~♪

I think that person was over there.

Taishou was there a moment ago!? Will I be able to see him if I run now…?

Thank you so much for letting me know! I'll head off, then!