Stella Maris – Kanata Mini Talk: lovely present

Mini talk
Point of View


anzu-san, what perfect timing~♪ do you have some [time] right now?

you see, i have a [gift] for you.

here you go~♪ it is a [pearl accessory]…♪

Are you sure I can have this…?

yes. i do not have any [use] for it personally, so i would love you to take it~♪

while they are [real pearls], it is not that [high-grade], so there is no need to hold back, okay?

It's so pretty.

fufu~♪ it is not that big, but it is very shiny and pretty, isn't it?

i knew you would understand the beauty of these [pearls], anzu-san~♪

Are they real pearls?

yes. they are authentic [pearls], taken from [akoya pearl oysters].

you can find such beautiful [jewels] from [shellfish]~ isn't the [ocean] so wonderful~?


the other day, i visited another [aquarium], as i thought it would be good to learn more about [rival] businesses.

kaoru was with me, and that was when he and i tried out [fetching pearls] together, because he was interested to try.

the [accessory gift] i gave you is made with the [pearls] i retrieved then.

You can even make them into an accessory, huh?

yes. it would be a [waste] to simply keep the [pearls] after retrieving them~

it seems like you can make them into [key straps] too, not just [accessories]. while they may be a [rival] business, i do think they came up with a nice [idea]…♪

You were with Hakaze-senpai?

yes. he looked to have the free time, so i took him along with me~♪

oh yes, i think kaoru wanted to give what he made to [someone]. i wonder who he was planning to give it to?

It sounds difficult.

not at all, it was pretty [simple]. you only need to open the [shells] with a [knife].

if you are ever interested, anzu-san, i will take you to the [aquarium]…♪


right, i was able to give you the gift, so i should go to where everyone is now.

ufufu, you see, i made [key straps] for everyone in [oceans] and [ryuseitai]~♪

the straps are all matching… i can only hope it makes them happy…?

I'm sure they will.

fufu, anzu-san is kind, isn't she~? good girl, good girl…♪

you made me happy, before i could make everyone else happy~

Are they all the same?

you noticed, huh? the truth is, i had the [design] changed a bit for [ryuseitai] and [oceans].

look, ryuseitai's straps have a [starry pattern], yes? well, the ones for oceans have a [fish pattern]…♪

That's a lot of them.

picking up [pearls] is so much fun, that i ended up retrieving a lot.

but because of that, i was able to make [straps] for everyone. i am so excited to give it to them~