Stella Maris – Tetora Mini Talk: Buying Ingredients for a Big Meal

Mini talk
Point of View


'Suup, Anego! Are you shopping?

I am too, as you can see! I bought some ingredients in the area.

I bought way more than I planned, 'cuz they were having a huge sale…

Isn't it heavy?

I train a ton, so this is easy-peasy stuff for me!

In fact, I could even carry your stuff, too~! Please let me know if it's ever heavy on you!

What did you buy?

Mostly veggies and seasonings I wanted to try out.

Midori-kun taught me how to have an eye for the good ones, so I think I managed to buy some nice veggies! I gotta thank him again for the tip~♪

Sales are so nice to have, right?

You get me, Anego…!? I'm so happy~♪

Since it was such a huge sale, I was almost beaten by the fiery competition among a bunch'a married couples, but I managed to buy 'em in the end!


Actually, I'm gonna get a share of fresh seafood from Shinkai-senpai.

When you have high-quality ingredients, it's natural to have the urge to cook tasty food on your own!

So I plan to make a full course meal with the seafood once I'm back at the dorms~♪

Can you prepare the fish?

Actually, I've never really prepared fish before…

But I've watched a video of it before, so I've got a pretty good gist of it! As long as I follow the instructions, I'm sure I'll manage!

Seafood, as in…

Ah, I dunno what I'm gonna get from him, either.

Shinkai-senpai said it's fish we all know and love. Since it's spring, I'm guessing it's sardine and skipjack tuna?

Cooking is fun, isn't it?

Yeah~♪ I'm not really good at cooking or anything, and I'm still learning, but…

It's just so much fun, and it especially excites me to think of what to make for food.


Since I'm making a whole meal and everything, I wanted to treat Ryuseitai to a meal, too.

But it seems like they're all busy, so they turned down my dinner invitation…

But Hiiro-kun's coming! He said he'll bring over Shiratori-kun too, so I plan to put my all when cooking this meal, to treat 'em good~♪

I hope they enjoy it.

Heheh. I wanna cook something that'll make those two glad they could try it.

I wanna make sure I avoid what happened in the school trip…1

I'd love it if you showed me a photo.

If you wanna see, then I'll gladly take photos for ya~♪

If there are any leftovers, I might be able to bring some to the agency tomorrow…? That way, you can eat some too, right?

What about ALKALOID's…

Ayase-senpai and Tatsumi-senpai? They both have a job today, it seems.

ALKALOID's busy too, huh~ Ryuseitai won't lose to 'em!

Translation Notes

  1. This is a reference to High and Low.