Ninja Clan – Prologue

Nishioka Maiko
junsweats for Mao's voice

Location: Hallway

—Hm? Ahh, this poster is peeling off at the corner.

Ermm… Alright, let me fix this—There, that should do it.

Wait, I shouldn’t be loitering around! I need to head over to the Student Council office immediately!

(Hmm… But I wonder why Isara-dono needed to call me over unexpectedly…?)

(I haven’t been climbing the school walls ever since I became part of the Student Council, so I doubt it’s to scold me for rule-breaking…)

Perhaps it’s related to an issue the Student Council is facing?

If Isara-dono is in a predicament, then I must assist him in any way I can!

I just need to head over there first~! But I shouldn’t run in the hallways, so I’ll be ninja-speedy in the appropriate manners—woosh, woosh~! ☆

Location: Student Council Office

Please excuse me, Isara-dono!

Ahh, hey, Sengoku…

Sorry for calling you over all of a sudden. Since you were still around at school even without any Student Council duties for the day, does that mean you had something else to do?

Hmm, not quite. I was merely going to discuss an upcoming on-campus live show with Tetora-kun and Midori-kun while we still could.

But when I informed them that you asked for me, they were alright with me prioritizing your request first!

Oh, I see… Now I feel bad, sorry for taking time away from your meeting.

There’s no need to concern yourself over that! They already said it was fine, anyway!

That said… What did you need me for, Isara-dono?

I had thought it was concerning Student Council matters, but it seems as though only I have been called over here…?

Have I caused an issue somewhere in the financing by any chance?1

Ah, nah, ‘course not. You’re always doing your job perfectly!

Huh? Ehehe~♪ You’re going to make me blush…

…Hm? But then why did you need me here? I can’t think of any other reason…

Ahhh… So, um, you see…

H-Haha, a-actually, how’s it going lately, Sengoku? Hasn’t it been rough in the council recently? Have you gotten sick of it~?

Huh? You mean the Student Council…?

Mmm… It’s true that it’s a lot of busy work, and I do struggle a great deal with project planning and budget financing, and so on…

But I haven’t grown tired of it at all! If anything, it always ends up feeling really worthwhile!

While I do have the opportunity to work alongside my unit members, outside of that, I used to mainly work on my own last year…

There’s the Ninja Association for one, but it was the same in the Broadcast Committee. Typically, only the person in charge of a major announcement would be at the studio on that day.

So being a member of the Student Council makes me feel fulfilled in a refreshing way, since we all have our own role here, and work together to execute tasks~

O-Ohhh…! Is that so? I-I’m glad to hear that!

(Mmm? Isara-dono is articulating so strangely… It’s like he’s avoiding bringing up the main topic…)

(Ah—! Is it something that’s hard to tell me, like asking me to execute a sudden job or chore!?)

Isara-dono! There’s no need to hold back with me!


As fellow members of the Student Council! I assure you that I’m fully prepared for any hardship!

So please feel free to tell me anything, no matter how difficult it may be!

O-Oh… Alright, thank you, Sengoku. I-I’ll bite the bullet, then.


…The truth is, the Ninja Association will be disbanded if nothing changes by the end of summer vacation.


Aaack!? He fainteeeddd!? G-Get a hold of yourself, Sengokuuu!!!

Translation Notes

  1. Shinobu is the treasurer of the current Student Council.