Ninja Clan – It's All Over

junsweats for Mao's voice

Chapter 1

Location: Classroom 2-A

Around the same time, the two are playing a mobile game together…

Uwaah, some sort of bird came over. It’s flying over my head, so cuuute…♪

Ah, Midori-kun! You have to keep moving from your hiding spots. If you camp in one area for too long, the bird will come over to you. It’s best you get outta there.

Ehhh… But I’m just gonna be caught by the demon if I leave my spot now…

Plus, this guy here is my only savior in this dim field… I feel way more safe now that I have a friend with me, so I’m fine sticking around here…

No, dude! The bird is bad news! It’s gonna tell the demon where you’re located!

Ah, you see!? The demon figured out where you’re hiding and is now coming for you!

It betrayed me…!? So you were siding with the demon all along!? We were supposed to be friends, you stupid bird…!

Ack, the demon’s heeere…!! I’m scared!! No, nonono! Crap, it’s gonna catch m—Eep~!!

Ahh, you got caught, huh…

Ughhh… That’s it, I’m having fried chicken for dinner tonight… Also, please come save me, Tetora-kun…

Yeah, just wait a bit longer! I’m almost done with my task!

Aight! I’ll make an opening for an exit… Now I just gotta save ya and we can both get outta here!

Waah~! ♪ You really are reliable, Tetora-kun…

—Hm? Ah, Midori-kun, sorry! The demon’s on a rampage right now, so I don’t think I can save you.


Sorry! But yeah, for real, I doubt I can get anywhere close to saving you, so I’ll just escape on my own.

We’ll both end up being defeated if I try rescuing you, so it’s better if I ensure one of us survives, right?

No, it’s not…! Can’t we both be defeated together?

It won’t be as terrifying if we die together, so don’t you wanna go to the afterlife with me…? We’re friends, aren’t we…?

Uhh, could you not say somethin’ straight outta a horror movie…?

And anyway, isn’t it supposed to be a hero’s duty to come to the rescue no matter the situation?

Uumyu… Maybe in reality, yeah, but this is a survival horror game, so I don’t really have any other choice.

Hm? Uh-oh, I don’t have much time left. I really am sorry, Midori-kun, but you’re on your own! See ya!

Ah! H-He really abandoned me… You traitooor~!

I can’t believe I got betrayed by both the bird and you… I’m so depressed…

I’m sick of this game. Why’s it even popular anyway, huh… It’s scary and hard, and I’m just panicking all the time… I can’t emotionally handle all this…

Well, it’s the thrill that makes this game so much fun to play, after all~

Ugh, I don’t want that kinda stuff… Let’s play a relaxing, cute game next…

You get to fish with adorable villagers, exchange items with them, and craft stuff…

But aren’t games like that fun to play even solo…?

Yeah, that’s true, but I want you to try it out. I think you’d get along really well with the villagers who love working out.

I wanna be friends with actual people who love working out, not characters in a game…

Whaa~… I could play this game all day, though… to the point I lose track of time——Hm?

Speaking of time… It’s been a while now since Shinobu-kun got called over by Isara-senpai. I wonder what’s holding him up?

Huh, you’re right. He’d usually contact us if somethin’ came up.

Hmm… How about we check how he’s doing if he doesn’t come back anytime soon?

Yeah, let’s do that.

(Door opens)

Oh, there he is! He’s back.

Welcome back, Shinobu-k—

(sobbing)… uuu… sniff… (sobs)

Whaaa!? H-He’s crying!? W-What’s wrong, Shinobu-kun?

T-Tetora-kuuun… M-Midori-kuuun… W-What do I d-dooo…! Uwaaaaaaaah!!

Gweh!? Don’t tackle me head-on…

Umm… (pats head) T-There, there? I dunno what happened, but don’t cry, okay…?

Uumyu… Shinobu-kun, couldja tell us why you’re crying?

I-It's ab-bou… h-he, sniff… no l-longer… sniff

I-I have to p-prepare… t-things f-for… (sobs)


Tetora-kun, I dunno what he said, so could you translate for me?

“Giant Baba will no longer be around, so I have to prepare offerings for him”… Maybe?

Shinobu-kun… I know Giant Baba is a famous pro wrestler and all, but he retired waaay long ago.

(sobbing) Uwaaaaaaah…!!

Huh!? Why’re you sobbing even harder!? Don’t tell me that was news to you!?

I really don’t think that’s what he said…

Chapter 2

(sniffs)… I-I think I’ve calmed down now…

I’m sorry that Tetora-kun’s like that…

Huh!? Why’s it my fault!? Uuu… I’m kinda confused, but I’m sorry, Shinobu-kun.

No, neither of you are at fault here…

I’m the one who’s sorry for causing a mess… (sniff)

So what happened exactly?

The truth is—

Location: Student Council Office

G-Get a hold of yourself, Sengokuuu!!! Lemme lift ya back up—Whew, you okay there? Can you stand?

I’m so sorry, I didn’t expect you to faint…

I-I’m alright. I simply lost hold of myself…

Ummm…? So what did you just tell me? Hmm… Hmm? No, no, it can’t be that, right?

Isara-dono, I think I misheard you!

I heard you say that the Ninja Association will disband by the end of summer vacation, but that mustn’t be true, right?

Huh? Uhh…… W-weeell…

Huh? I didn’t mishear…?

A-Ahahaha! Isara-dono, you’re so sneaky, trying to fool me with such a lie~!

Are you pranking me? I’m a simple-minded ninja, you know! I easily fall for them, so you can’t trick me like that~


Ahaha… Ha, ha…

I-Is it true? Is the Ninja Association really going to be disbanded…?

…Yeah. It’ll be officially issued right after the summer vacation.

Why~!? Why did it come to this!?

Mmm… To be clear, this isn’t only about the Ninja Association.

The Club Committee was discussing the maintenance of all the clubs with very few members, or no newcomers at all.

I tried to push them to keep those clubs around, but we’re talking about the school budget here, which relates back to the school’s administration… I can’t do much about that, when I’m merely just the Student Council President.

And the Ninja Association didn’t get any new members this year, right? So it was used as an example for the problem.

I-It’s true that I haven’t had a single person ask to join, but…! Even if that’s true…!!

I’ve been doing my absolute best to obtain more members—Actually, more importantly!

I understand that you’re feeling pressured by adults, but! Why did that suddenly lead to suspending the Ninja Association!?

I was allowed to maintain the club even without any new members, so what changed~!?

See, we’ve had a bunch of new clubs this year, so they wanna adjust the amount of clubs we have.

New clubs? Hmm, I have noticed people performing new types of activities lately…

What kind of clubs are we talking about, anyway? If there’s one that’s ninja-related, I could transfer to it.

Ermm, lemme think—There was Dance Club, Bouldering Club, Baton Club, Sepak Takraw Club, and Ultimate Club.

Uuu~! They’re all western-inspired clubs~! Actually, don’t these seem like clubs that wouldn’t get many members in them…!?

Ah, yeah, about that… Apparently they got preeetty popular. There’s like, more than ten people in each club.

Why!? Reality is so cruel…!

Gnngh… I’m the only one who can protect the Ninja Association… It’s being overshadowed by so many other clubs around, correct!?

Then I’m left with no choice but to do whatever it takes to save it, even if it means the destruction of those new clubs… Ninjas are outcasts that endure no matter what gets thrown at them. We’ve always been destined to be stained with blood~!

S-Stop, calm down! Weren’t you supposed to be one of the few people with common sense in this wacky school?

You’re one of the good students in this academy, so don’t say something so twisted~! Please!

Uuu, (sobs)… B-But I… I can’t stand the thought of watching my club disappear just like that…

Yeah, I know how you feel all too well. That’s why I told you about this as soon as I could.


Sengoku. You need just one person. Get me one member to join your club before the official announcement, and I swear I will do something about this…!