Stella Maris – Prologue


Season: Spring

Location: Vocal Room (ES Building)

2nd year of ES’s establishment — In May…

“fish song — Songwriter: Shinkai Kanata”

one, two~, three, go~♪1

even fishies are alive~♪

Even fishies are alive~♪

in the water’s where we thrive~♪

In the water’s where we thrive~♪

but we’re delicious!

But we’re delicious!

eat us~♪ eat us~♪

Eat us~♪ Eat us~♪

We want you~

To~ eat~ us~…♪

~……♪ (very content)






Ah, yes. What’s up, Kanata? I feel like we put in every bit of our effort as best as we could, but—

are you even trying?

Huhh—!? I thought he looked pretty content, but he’s actually in a bad mood!?

that was [simply] because i was happy to sing a [song] with everyone.

truthfully, the [song] is still far from [perfection]… you all need to [brush up] more.


for now, please focus on how it feels to be a [fish], everyone. do you truly understand the [concept] behind this [song]?

H-He’s genuinely angry at us…

Erm, by the song’s concept—

I believe that this song was prepared for the commercial we’ll be filming for this job. The purpose is to increase seafood sales.

However, right now we’re simply practicing the general feel of the song, before the actual filming for the commercial.

yes. we would have been in very big trouble if this were the [real deal]. tell me, do you truly think a performance of this level will increase the [consumption] of [fish]?

I don’t feel as though anyone was thinking of that…

Yeah… Like, since the song starts by emphasizing that “even fishies are alive”, it actually makes it way harder to want to eat fish—

and that part is not one i am willing to [give up].

Mhm! It’s wonderful to have something you aren’t willing to give up!

We, the reborn Ryuseitai, will continue to cherish that aspect!

I know I’ve explained this many times before, but — From here on, we’ll be taking turns with the commander role2 for every job.

To be more precise, for each job sent to us, the most suitable member will take up the role of the commander for the duration of it.

That way, we’ll no longer be in a situation where jobs are constantly entrusted to one person, like it was to me — and it should immensely expand our range of activities in the unit.3

But in terms of the agency, they seem to want Morisawa-senpai to constantly be the leader, though. They want us to only perform “ally of justice”-type activities like we used to in Yumenosaki.

Yeah. But after going through many ups and downs, we decided to oppose the agency’s policy.4

It’s pointless if only I ever get to make my dreams come true. No, not just that — I had never intended to make Ryuseitai into a tool— into nothing but a scapegoat for my own personal dreams.

Naturally, everyone has the right to be happy!

yees~ it is my turn to be [happy] this time~♪

Ossu. Except, while Midori-kun, Shinobu-kun, and I got to experience being the commander lots’a times already, Shinkai-senpai was the only one who stubbornly didn’t take on the role ‘til now.

hey~! you should call me “taichou” right now!5

Ah— I’m real sorry. I’ll be careful from now on.

yes~♪ good boy~♪

Mm… Kanata looks to be motivated as well, and he seems to have understood and accepted the concept behind the reborn Ryuseitai, so—

Why did you stubbornly refuse to be the commander up until now?

mm~ it just happened, i think?

It just happened…?

the [children] had far more [dissatisfaction] built up from the [course] of [events] up until now than i ever had—

so i was fine with [postponing] my opportunity until much later.


but. it [bothers] me to think you may see it as me [slacking off], so i will work hard as the [leader] this time.

i will do everything in my power to guide everyone as ryuseitai’s [leader]!

now then, what are your [catchphrases] when i am [commander]~?

King of red meat! Tuna!

Bears love it, too! Salmon!

We may be poisonous, but we’re tasty! Pufferfish!6

In auspicious times, sea bream!7

and~ with enough effort, we can be eaten as kamaboko!8 mr. [shark]!

With the five of us together! We are “fish Ryuseitai”!9

Kya-kya! ☆ Kya-kya! ☆

Translation Notes

  1. Kanata says one, two, san, switching from English to Japanese for the numbering.
  2. For clarification, “commander” (taichou in Japanese) refers to the leader. It’s how hero sentai squads typically refer to their leader, hence why Ryuseitai does it as well. Both leader and commander refer to the same position, and they use the two words almost interchangeably in the story.
  3. For further context, please see Supervillain, which showed Tetora as the leader. By the end of that story, Ryuseitai decides to take turns being the leader. You can also see Midori’s turn as the leader in Tropical.
  4. This is shown in Supervillain.
  5. The title taichou refers to leader (sometimes translated as Captain). It literally means “Commander”.
  6. Pufferfish are a delicacy in Japan called fugu, and have to be prepared thoroughly by a qualified chef to remove the toxins. See here.
  7. Sea bream (tai) are significant in Japanese culture, and it’s said to be a fish for festivities. One interesting note is that it has a common saying related to it: "Even if it’s rotten, it’s still sea bream", due to its high value even if it spoils, and also because the fish stays fresh much longer than other fishes. Read more here.
  8. Kamaboko is a kind of fish cake, made with pureed fish meat. See here.
  9. The “fish” in fish Ryuseitai is in hiragana, and “Ryuseitai” remains in kanji. Kanata talks only in hiragana, so to match that, I kept the word in hiragana as well. Together, the name lit. means “fish shooting star/meteor squad”.