Rainbow – Chiaki Produce Course: Injury and Infirmary

Mini talk
Point of View


Heeey, Transfer student! Mm? Ahh, no, I didn't have anything to speak to you about!

I happened to see you while walking, so I felt like calling out to you.

Ah— Sorry! Do you have an urgent matter by any chance!?

Do you have Ryuseitai practice now?

Yeah! I can't help but feel so fired up the moment I don my exclusive uniform~♪

Woah— What's wrong? Why are you crouching down all of a sudden…? Do you feel unwell?

There's a small part that's come loose…? Ooh, you're right! I'll let Kiryu know so he can stitch it back up!

Ah, no. I had planned for one, but nobody was available for that time-slot in the end.

There's nothing I can do about that, so I was just heading back to my classroom.

Ahaha. Oh well, there are days like this, too. Right then, see you, Transfer student!

It's lunch time now.

Oh yeah, the hot and sour soup noodles are on the school's menu today, right?

Hm, so that's on Wednesday? I see, I see. You remember the menu well, huh?

Huh? Today is Mapo—No, don't say the rest! Eggplants are the one thing I can't staaand~!

Lunch time, huh… Ahh, it's nothing, I just haven't eaten yet either.

Mm? Would I like to eat with you?

Thank you for the invitation! I'd love to do so! ☆


Oh! Perfect timing! Transfer student, look!

Mm? Why am I happily showing you my injured arm?

Heh! Why would I hide my injury, when it's Sagami-sensei who treated it!?

Doesn't it hurt?

Woah— Don't poke my injured arm!

Ah, no, it's just a scratch… so it wouldn't hurt if you poked it, but…

Ah! The bandage was loose, so you were fixing it for me? Sorry, I got the wrong idea! Thank you…☆

Well, I got injured, so of course it hurts.

Mm? Ahh, yeah, I work as a stuntman!

I'll get scratches even if I take caution.

You're a big fan of Sagami-sensei, after all.

Huh!? How come you know that!?

Ahh, I got it. You're the producer, so you know all about our interests, right?

Hm? He told you about it even though you didn't ask…? What did he mention…? Transfer student, please tell me more!

Yeah, I keep mentioning it here and there, so it seems like I'm the first person that comes to mind when someone thinks of Sagami-sensei's big fan.

You see, Sagami-sensei was Ryusei Rainbow back in his day…

Mm? This sounds like it'll take a while, so you'd like me to keep it for another time? Alright! Let me know when you have time to listen~♪


(Humming) Hmhmhm~♪ — Woah, Transfer student!?

A-Are you alright!? I didn't expect someone to be crouched down here, so I accidentally tripped over you!

Let me take you to the infirmary to have you treated! Hop on my back!

It's my fault too, so please don't worry about it.

No, no! It's my fault as well for not looking around me!

We'll just repeat this cycle, so… are you alright? …Hm, no injury?

Ah, but your uniform got dirty… Please let me pay for the dry cleaning!

There's no denying that I bumped into you, so it's impossible for me not to worry about it!

Mm~… I'm glad you feel that way, but… I won't find peace of mind with that!

Please! Let me help you until I feel satisfied!

That's embarrassing, so I'd rather not.

Hey now, this isn't the time to be embarrassed!

C'mon now, hop on me quick! …Alright, hold on me tight!

We've got an emergency! Please move out of the wayyy…!!

Mm~… Transfer student, can you stand?

Good, good. It seems you can stand just fine. You don't have to worry, I won't make you get on my back.

But well, let's at least go to the infirmary just in case, okay?