Rainbow – Chiaki Produce Course: Snoring

Mini talk
Point of View


Ooh, Transfer student! What's up, what's wrong? Do you have business with Sagami-sensei?

He just left his seat to go buy some alcohol.

Personally, I'd rather he doesn't drink so much… But he told me it's to relieve stress…

How do you relieve stress, Morisawa-senpai?

Why, by watching tokusatsu shows, of course…!

Huh? But I watch that even if I'm not feeling stressed…?

Yep! That's why stress doesn't affect me! Fuhahahaha…! ☆

Fuhahahaha! You must really want to learn about me if you're asking such a question, huh!? ♪

That makes me happy, Transfer student! Feel free to ask me anything…!

Huh? "Never mind, actually"? Why is that, Transfer student!?

It isn't good to drink too much alcohol, right?

Mhm, mhm! You think so too, right!?

Honestly, I feel like it isn't a good idea to drink this early in the day in the first place.

…Mhm! I'm going to stop him after all! I'm leaving the infirmary in your care, Transfer student!

Yeah. Not just overdrinking, but drinking in of itself is a pretty bad idea!

Huh? Once you become a working adult, it's common to make connections through drinking…?

That's true, I suppose. Mm… Adults have it so rough.


Transfer student? We're coming across each other a lot in the infirmary lately.

Did you injury yourself in some predicament? If so, just call for me as loud as you can!

Just shout "Please save me, Hero!", and I'll come rushing for you no matter where you are!

I brought over the documents.

Hm, so Kunugi-sensei asked you to do this? I can't be the one to take these, so I'll call over Sagami-sensei.

Ahh, he told me to watch over the place while he goes to the nearby convenience store.

I'll be back soon enough, so I'll leave the place to you for now, Transfer student!

Hm, then I'll call over Sagami-sensei—… Huh? They're for me?

Ohh, you didn't see me in my classroom, but a classmate told you I'd be here when you asked about my whereabouts?

I see, I see! Sorry for taking up your time, Transfer student!

Not "Morisawa-senpai"?

Ah, no, I'd still rush to your need if you shouted, "save me, Morisawa-senpai!"

But "hero" is just so much cooler, and it makes me happy to be called that!

You can call me "hero" anytime you like~♪

Mm? Ahh, yeah, I'd rush over even if you called my name.

But if someone were attacked by a villain in a hero show, they wouldn't say, "Please save me, Morisawa-senpai!", would they?

I think it's natural to hope someone asks for help by calling for the "hero" in those cases, y'know?



Mm? Why is the transfer student in my home…?

Huh!? Wait, this isn't my home, it's the infirmary!? Sorry, I think I was still half-asleep!

Are you feeling unwell?

Mm~… I had a little fever, so I took cold medicine.

As you know, medicine is extremely effective on me.

I simply felt sleepy as a side-effect, that's all! You don't need to worry about me!

No, not at all.

Ah~… The truth is, I tried to get through all the tokusatsu shows I recorded yesterday, and before I knew it, it became the next morning.

So I basically had an all-nighter, that's all. M-Mm, don't worry, I'll sleep early tonight!

Your snoring resembles Sagami-sensei's.

Oh, really? So my snoring is like Sagami-sensei's…♪

—Wait! You've heard him snore before?

Guhh, I've never heard it before, though…! That's a little frustrating!

Huh, really!? I'm so happy~! I could jump with joy~♪

Mhm, I'm a big fan of Sagami-sensei!

I have all the shows he's appeared in back at my home! Let's watch them all together sometime, Transfer student!