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Yumenosaki receives a warning akin to a terrorist threat, and during that time, Yuzuru returns to school at night to pick up something Tori forgot…
Yumenosaki receives a warning akin to a terrorist threat, and during that time, Yuzuru returns to school at night to pick up something Tori forgot…
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Midnight Gangsters 1

Content Warning

This story contains multiple references to war.

Season: Spring

Location: Hallway, Second Floor

(Hah… It’s gotten so late already. It’s completely pitch-black outside, as well.

If I don’t hurry home, the Young Master will be upset.

Recently, the Master and Mistress have been away quite often.

The Young Master likes to put up a strong front, for some strange reason. And as a result of that, despite his own loneliness, he hasn’t had the opportunity to allow himself to be pampered by his sister, or the servants.

Well, it is not as if I can place the blame for his behavior on the Master, though.

The strengthening of the Himemiya family’s foundations is necessary, while the Young Master takes his detour from his responsibilities and aims to be an idol.

When the day comes that the Young Master is the head of the Himemiyas, once he returns to his original path… he will be able to begin his life again, from that point of high standing.

The Master’s actions are out of concern for that goal. By no means, is their absence a result of some hatred towards the Young Master.

As far as I can tell, the Young Master is aiming to be an idol with a surprisingly unordinary amount of passion, though…

It is possible that this detour will lead to the place where he finally settles, I suppose.

An idol and the head of the Himemiya family; there is a possibility that he will come to embrace both roles.

In that case, there would be no loss in improving the status of the Himemiya family.

You are truly wonderful, Master. Being able to look ahead, towards the future, and taking action in accordance with it… The family’s status has not reached these heights simply because of luck, after all.


Please forgive me. Whoever is hiding in the corner of the hallway over there, do you have some business with me?


H-how did y’know I was here… Yukkun?

‘Yukkun’? Ah… is that you, Kagehira-sama?

Yeah… I’ll come out now, so please don’t do anything t’me.

I have no intention of doing anything to you, though…

Why are you so frightened? We are classmates, are we not? ♪

Nnah~… Well, I don’ really get why, but y’ seemed kinda scary, Yukkun. It felt like somethin’ cold was slitherin’ up my spine, or somethin’.

Fufu. Have I become duller, I wonder? Or, are you especially sharp, Kagehira-sama… at sensing danger, I mean.

Regardless. What are you doing here, staying at school so late into the night?

Aren’t we both here super late, though? I was doin’ my school part-time jobs like I always do, but after everythin’ was done I got tuckered out and fell asleep, I think?

When I woke up, it was this late… Nnah~, Oshi-san will be mad that I’m gettin’ home this late.

Haha, you do often doze off in the middle of class, Kagehira-sama. You seem to be wearing yourself out, so please take care.

Mm, thanks a lot. Anyways, it’s ‘cause we don’t have a lotta money for funding Valkyrie activities.

Well, compared t’doing lives, school part-time jobs are like a drop’n’the bucket as far as money goes.

But still, we need funds t’put on lives in the first place. Like they say, even a pile of trash becomes a somethin’-somethin’, y’know.1

Anyways. I’m glad I met y’here, Yukkun. It’s so dark, it’s kinda scary… If a security guard found me, they’d probably be mad, I think, so that’s why I’ve been pacin’ in the corner here.

If it’s no problem with you, d’you wanna walk with me out to the school gates?

Hm… Alright, very well. Let us be off, then.

Okay! Ehehe~ Yukkun, you’re really kind, huh?

You always clean up the classroom when it gets all dirty, and you always are lookin’ out for anyone who seems t’be in bad shape… Always made me think you were a real nice person. ♪

Do I truly appear that way? That is an honor. ♪

…Have I been behaving as a proper butler would, I wonder?

Mhm! Well, I don’t know any other butlers, so I can’t really say.

Whoops. We shouldn’t be chattin’, huh? Let’s head home.

Yes. I think the school gates are typically closed by now, so let us collect our shoes from the racks at the front of the building, and leave out another exit.

It seems we’ll have to take a detour. Yumenosaki Academy is in the process of strengthening its security, so it would be quite the troublesome situation if we were found by someone patrolling.

Rather than just receiving a drawn-out lecture, we might be punished instead.

If we both were to be suspended, it would cause quite the issue for our units, would it not?

Nnah, that would be bad! I’m already a burden to Valkyrie, as it is! If I caused a problem, then Oshi-san would definitely throw me away!

Fufu. No one is going to throw you away or pick you back up, you aren’t a dog.

I guess…

Besides, is it true that they’re tightening security? Was there an announcement about that? Did I hear it, and just forgot about it?

No, normal students would not know.

I was assisting the Young Master with his work in the Student Council office, and I simply overheard it.

In any case, it seems that Yumenosaki Academy received some notice from a terrorist.


Yes. It seems we received threats concerning a school bombing, or something of that sort. Typically, this is the sort of thing that you would just laugh off, but the letter of intent seems to have been sent by some professional.

Just to be safe, we have strengthened our security.

Nnah~, ‘s that true? Sounds like a movie or somethin’.

Truly. However, in the case that something does happen, it would be quite grave, so precautions had to have been taken.

In this peaceful country, everyone seems to have forgotten; dangerous people do not just exist in movies… they are a part of our reality.

Midnight Gangsters 2

Huh. I was wonderin’ why you were at school in the middle of th’ night, but it’s 'cause that “Young Master” kid forgot somethin’ here?

Correct. I was keeping an eye on the Young Master’s studies at the house, like always. However, the Young Master appeared to be quite flustered, and suddenly shouted “I forgot my homework at school!”

I thought he was using that as an excuse to get out of doing his work. “I forgot my homework, so I can’t do it now,” …something like that.

However, when I looked into his eyes, trying to figure out if he was lying or not, I could tell that he was telling the truth…

Reluctantly, I decided to come and retrieve it from the school.

Of course, I made it clear to him that if this had been concerning official school documents, saying “I forgot” would not be a sufficient response.

In any case, it is not as if I could allow the Young Master to walk around after dark.

It is a bother, but I have come here in his place.

I heard him out, and it appears that it was homework assigned by Kunugi-sensei.

He is very strict, and so I expect that the Young Master would be unable to get away with acting innocent, in the event that he forgot to complete his homework.

He’ll be scolded in front of everyone for forgetting his homework.

That would be quite embarrassing, and is why the Young Master was so flustered.

Well, it is his own fault, after all, and it would probably be good for him to be ashamed as much as possible, for his own good… or so I thought.

But, he would likely start crying pitifully, and so I caved in to avoid that situation from arising.

Honestly… I really should avoid spoiling him this much, shouldn't I?

Fufu. Yukkun, you’re like that “Young Master” kid’s mother, huh. ♪

I will humbly refuse being called that.

He shouldn’t need it, that troublesome brat… Besides, if you’re going to make that comparison, shouldn’t you refer to me as a father, not a mother?

But y’have that sorta feel t’you, Yukkun… y’have a real kind way about you; even I think you’re easy to talk to. ♪ I’m pretty bad with manly people, y’know.


Nnah, ‘m sorry? It’s rude for me t’say that to guys, right? You’re real cool, Yukkun, I swear, so don’t worry!

Oh, that isn’t it. Please be quiet for a moment.

…Did you hear any suspicious noises, Kagehira-sama?

Wha? Don’t say anything scary like that! Is there someone else who stayed late…?

…Don’t speak. Come this way, Kagehira-sama.

W-what? What’s goin’ on…?

It would be nice if I was worrying over nothing… my body is starting to become roused, and I feel that’s a bad sign.

Perhaps, there is a possibility that the terrorist who sent that threat is lurking about in the darkness.

There is a chance that that is the case, so we need to be on high alert.

If this worry passes, then this can be a funny story for later, when we look back upon it.

But we need to take caution for now, and stay hidden as we leave the school, just to be safe.

…Let us not become separated, Kagehira-sama.

Oh, okay… Yukkun, you seem like you’re havin’ a little too much fun, here?

Oh, do I seem that way?

Uh huh. Yukkun, you’re smilin’ and everything.

(Hm… it isn’t as if I feel particularly pleased, but when I touch my face, I can definitely feel a smile there.

Well, it is said that when beasts are on the hunt, they possess expressions like that of smiles. That must be what this is.)

(Ah, how nostalgic, this feeling… My senses are heightened, and my thoughts have dissipated. I truly am a beast on the hunt for its spoils.

I had forgotten it for a long time—the scent of the battlefield.)

Location: Private Military Company Practice Grounds

Yuzuru Fushimi’s Childhood, in the fields of a private military company…


Ah… This place is soaked with the scent of gunpowder.

To think that the day has come, where I miss the sweet smell of the Himemiya residence gardens.

It isn’t like I’m thinking about going back there, though. A guy like me fits in with this place much more, I think.)2

397! 398! 399! 400…!

Instructor, sir! I’ve completed my four hundred squats, no problem… ☆3

Ibara. Several times during the two-hundreds, you were slacking off on your yells and movements to make it seem like you were doing them, right?

This is training for a reason. Instead of pretending to do it right, follow the rules and do it the proper amount of times.

Since you were trying to trick me, do one hundred more squats as punishment.

Wha? Tch… You were spacing out so I thought I could get away with it!

I always must keep an eye on you. Honestly, to think I have to put up with such a problem child like you.

That’s what I should be saying to you. Shouldn’t you be going back to your mansion already, Your Highness?4

We are risking our lives every day. You’re such an eyesore, playing around without a care in the world, Mr. Make-Believe Soldier!

It’s not like I can do anything about it; I’m here at my parents’ will. The Himemiya family is just starting out in the world, so they have a lot of enemies. I’m training so I can protect their heir in case an emergency happens.

Ahaha! Imagine, parents who would throw their beloved child into a military company!

If you call that familial love, then this world is really sick. Ah, I’m glad I don’t have either of my parents…☆

I don’t take orders from anyone, and I can grab hold of whatever I want in my own hands!

Well, if you want that to be true, then you shouldn’t be slacking off right now. Relying on mutual support is a comfortable way of life, but living on your own requires you to get stronger first.

And now you’re trying to trick me again, by distracting me with talking and skipping numbers. You’re doing fifty more after this.

Whaaat? Hey, aren’t we gonna be here forever at this rate!?

Enough with all the worrying, it’ll be over as soon as you get going. C’mon, you can do it…♪

Ughh~ You monster! You drill sergeant! You son of a b*tch!5

Midnight Gangsters 3

Location: Rooftop

One Year Ago…

You absolute idiot!

…Well, that’s one way to say hello. Why’re you so out of breath, Morisawa?

Are you seriously asking me that? I’ll be angry if you’re actually being serious, Kiryuu!

…I know I shouldn’t be harsh on you like this, but I just don’t understand. Why did you do that?

Without my knowledge, you threatened my seniors from Ryuseitai for always being mean to me…

I got worried when they stopped coming to school all of a sudden, so I went over to visit them, and that’s when I heard about what happened. They were practically shaking in fear. I felt really bad for them.

Haha, they bullied you, didn’t they? There’s no reason for you to worry about guys like that.

But they’re still my comrades, technically… It is true that they were awful to me, though…

But at this rate, they may never come back to school.

If I could just keep the unit running together with those seniors, things would start improving, and we would finally be rewarded for our efforts.

I truly believed in that possibility… But now you ruined it.

Is that why you’re so angry at me?

What I’m angry about is that you aren't taking care of yourself.

This issue was settled before things got worse, but… We’re idols. It doesn’t matter if what you did wasn't violent; if you let even a single rumor like that spread, then your future’s done for.

You could’ve lost all your dreams, just because of me.

That’s why I’m angry. You need to take much better care of yourself…

You’re a good guy, after all. I refuse the idea that you won’t get rewarded for being one. I’d despair if that happened.

…My bad. Guess I've just been too stressed out lately, and I ended up taking it out on them.

I’ll be more careful next time, so just let this whole thing go.

A-Alright… Sorry, I made it sound like I’m blaming you.

I’m happy that you did something for my sake. So thank you.

But please, no more of this, Kiryuu.

I’ll be fine. I’ll make sure to live a happy life under my own power, even without you protecting me.

I promise you that. So please, don’t do anything dangerous anymore.

Location: AV Room

Present Time…

Yo, Morisawa… Why doesn’t Ultraman just transform so he can fight already?

Alright, let me explain! Ultraman can only fight for a few minutes, so he has to make sure to time his transformation properly!

Besides, Jack—Oh, that’s what fans call the Return of Ultraman franchise, by the way.

Anyway, he can only use that power to fight for the sake of justice!

He can’t transform for his own personal gain! He can’t use it just to show his good side to people, or just because it’s easier to do things by transformation!

Huh… Oh, it’s like how policemen can’t fire a gun like it's nothing.

Yep! Using your immense power only for the sake of justice—That’s exactly what being a hero means!

The moment you ignore that fact is the moment you become one of the giant monsters yourself! It would just turn to violence! And mayhem!

Haha, there’s a lot more to these kid shows than I thought.

Yeah! Jack has all kinds of life lessons that anyone could learn from, I almost wish it’d be used as part of the school curriculum!

Uhh, I dunno how that’d work out… I mean, he beats down the monsters with violence at the end of the day.

Sure, you could show it to kids who know how to control themselves… But no one could ever become Ultraman.

If people start thinking that they’re heroes, that they’ll beat up all the evil monsters… then all I can imagine is a future where people start beating up their own friends.

This ally of justice business should just be left to the police.

But what if the police were also, in some way, evil?

Police are called “burglars in uniforms” in some countries, you know?

Some use violence to quickly solve things for their own selfish gain… They just become the same thing as gangs.

If those that were meant for justice turned evil… What would we do then?

Let’s take a moment to think on it! And I’ve got just the thing for this—I present to you a special edition book of all the Imitation Ultras…☆6

Morisawa. It’s midnight by now, shouldn’t you be going home? Your parents are gonna be worried sick.

I could say the same to you. It isn’t like you to stay here late, usually you go home early so you can pick up your sister.

My dad said he got out of work early today, so I let him do it.

Besides, I think she’s rebelling against me lately… She gets really angry at me when I come pick her up.

Ahaha, it’ll be fine, she’s your sister! Your sincerity will get through to her!

There has to be a reason why she’s acting so cold towards you! Let’s think about it together! ☆

Should you really be worrying about other people right now? You’ve also got your newbies in Ryuseitai who're getting annoyed at how much you pay attention to them.

Neither of us should be interfering too much on stuff, huh.

Yeah… Knowing how to treat your own juniors is tough…

I thought up so many different things that I wanted to do for my juniors, once I’d scouted them in my unit, but, you know…

Ideals and reality are completely different from each other. Just take it easy, all you gotta do is go face-to-face with them about things, yeah?

You can’t simply fix everything up with a happy ending after defeating all the monsters.

Yeah, that’s exactly why we dream of being heroes! Okay, how about we finish off the rest of Jack for tonight! For the sake of understanding the great wisdom from our predecessors!

The night isn’t over yet, Kiryuu…☆

Whaa…? How many episodes are left? Aren’t we still at the prologue…?

Midnight Gangsters 4

(Ahh man, what now… he’s not budging one bit… He really doesn’t look like he’ll be going home anytime soon.

He may look like the type who’s easy to convince, but he’s actually got a stubborn side to him…

That side of him hasn’t changed at all… He’s looking a lot brighter since we became third years, but he’s still the same old Morisawa.

I don’t wanna make him miserable again… Yeah, I should quit it with this dumb business, and just go home.)

…Morisawa. I just got a message from my dad, he asked me to come back home ‘cause he can’t make dinner on his own.

I know they could just buy convenience store or eat outside, but I wanna feed my sis proper food, so I’m gonna head home to go cook for her.

Hm? Oh, then let’s go home together! Give me one moment—All these DVDs are mine, so I have to take them back home with me!

If it’s alright with you, please help me put everything back in my bag! I’ll help you out with shopping for ingredients in exchange!

Takamine—I mean, one of my unit’s newcomers is the son of a greengrocer, so he knows where the good shops are! I’ll ask him right now!

It’s the middle of the night; you’ll only be a bother. We gotta hurry, it’s getting real late. I’m making my sis wait for me on an empty stomach.


What’s wrong, Kiryuu? You’re wrinkling your eyebrows again!

Ahh, I think it’s becomin’ a habit of mine… Idols should always be smiling, or it’s just no good, ain’t it…?

(…But what is this presence I’m sensing? It gives off a real intimidating aura… I’m actually getting goosebumps.

I really did let my guard down… I’ve been around so many weak guys since I got into this school, that I misinterpreted it as me just being really strong.

But when it’s the real deal—When it’s guys who fight for a living… that’s when you’re never sure if you’ll win or not.

I really am stupid for thinking I could get rid of this terrorist problem.

But… If we’re talking about something valuable about me… The only thing that comes to mind is my experience in these things, and the ability to fight.

Becomin' the shield to all those people who’re living peaceful lives, even if I have to use violence…

This is how I can be useful… ain’t that right, Hasumi-danna? That’s what you told me, but maybe I’m being mean for interpreting your words in this way.)


…Oh. What’s wrong, Morisawa? Keep it down a li'l.

I’m gettin’ a bad feeling… Someone suspicious may be in school, so just leave your stuff here and go home immediately.

I’ll escort you to a safe place.

You absolute idiot.

…Huh, that’s the second time you’ve called me that now. Brings back memories.

Is this really the time to be laughing? If a friend of mine is about to do something stupid, then I’ll do whatever it takes to stop them!

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to do, but I won’t let you go ahead with it.

…Ohh? Now this is interesting. Go ahead and try, then.

…Wait, this ain’t the time to be playin’ around.

Okay, okay. I won’t do anything dangerous, alright? We’ll leave that sort of thing to the police and go home.

A-Alright. Yeah, that’d be nice.

Haha, you’re a hero, aren’tcha? Say a cool catchphrase, or somethin’.

Yeah, but there’s no such thing as a script in the real world. But really, why were you staying here so late today?

You were acting strange, so that’s why I tried to hang out with you.

Ahh… I think you could already tell, but all that stuff about my sis being hungry and needing food was a lie. Oh, but I really did leave the job of picking her up to my dad.

Truth is, during my unit practice session, Hasumi was talking on the phone about something suspicious…

Yumenosaki was sent a terrorist warning, y’see. Something about putting a bomb in the school soon enough.


Yeah. But there’s like a billion students roaming around in this school—It’d be impossible to place one during the day.

If I were a terrorist, I’d put it in the dead of night, when no one’s around, and where no one could find it.

So I decided to be on the lookout for any sign of a terrorist for the night, and capture them if I find them.

But then you pushed this whole “watching tokusatsu shows together!” thing on me to hang out with me, so I couldn’t keep up my lookout.

Anyways, I don’t even need you to tell me how stupid it was to think of doing this in the first place.

I must’ve been out of my mind. I guess I got hasty… Y’see, the Student Council’s been on the receiving end of some harsh comments lately…

Hasumi’s acting like everything’s okay, but he’s actually real stressed.

Even innocent ol’ Kanzaki’s been feeling dejected about this.

I couldn’t stand to watch them be that way. That’s when I decided to save the school from the bad influence, and make this school’s reputation a little better.

But that was reckless and idiotic of me.

…My hands have been dirtied since a long time ago. It’s too late for me to try and be a hero, anyway.

You’re a hero in my eyes, Kiryuu. You’re always saving me.

Is it not enough that I see you that way?

Nah? Not at all, I’m such a lucky guy… I should be satisfied with just that, shouldn’t I?

Let’s go home, Morisawa.

…I meant it when I said I sensed something suspicious, though. Just be as cautious as you can.


Ahh, man… Everything was supposed to have become peaceful in this school… So why is this happening…?

Midnight Gangsters 5

Location: Private Military Company Practice Grounds

Back to Yuzuru Fushimi's childhood…


Ibara~, are you alive? Let’s take a break from morning training, and have lunch.

Look, I borrowed the kitchen today, and I made some food.

There were enough ingredients to put something together, but there wasn’t enough seasoning. I asked one of the merchants who comes here sometimes to order some.

You eat nothing but rations, so to make sure you still have taste buds, you should eat something delicious sometimes and get back your energy.

You acting like that is making me remember that you’re supposed to be a butler when you grow up~. Honestly, I think that being a soldier or a hitman is more your calling.

What do you mean, ‘when I grow up’? I’ve been a butler since the moment I was born. That’s not going to change, whether I wanted to be a butler or not, you know…

…Anyway, could you get rid of the piece of glass you’re hiding by your chest?

I’m not going to give you any openings.

Hmph~… So you caught me. And here I thought today would be the day I ended your life.

Why are you being so prickly?7 It is as if we were fated to meet here, so let’s do our best to get along.8

…Even if we become friends, aren’t you just gonna go home soon?

Well, eventually, yeah. But until my parents say I’ve completed my training, I think I’m going to be staying here forever.

This could go on for years… my family is very strict.

Haha, no wonder you’re a sadist; you got it from your parents!

Who are you calling a sadist?

Speaking of which, Ibara, do you seriously not know what your parents were like at all?

You sure don't hesitate in asking the tough questions… I dunno~, I don’t really care.

Is that right… well, if you’re interested, it’s possible that I can ask the Master of the Himemiya family to investigate, you know.

It’s none of your business. My parents threw me away, like I was some used-up roll of tape. Even if we were reunited, we’d all just be unhappy.

This isn’t some sappy reality TV show. If I met up with them, I’d pretend to cling to them with tears running down my face, only to strangle them to death.

“Daddy, Mommy, thank you for giving me this life! Now die!”

Don’t you feel that way, too? They’re parents who abandoned their young child at a private military camp; don’t you resent them for that?

Can you even call them your family?

…I have thought that, before. But, I also understand that this is a necessary thing for me to do.

The Himemiya family that I serve is a nouveau-riche, so they’ve been facing jealous people with grudges from every direction.

The family is a bit showy with their money—they are the ones who own this military camp, after all.

So that the next heir to the Himemiya family, the Young Master, does not get abducted or assassinated or face any hardships…

I plan on serving him, at his side forever, and so I need this sort of military training.

“Let him who desires peace prepare for war.”—you’re one of those types, huh?9

Who even said that?

It was just in a holy scripture that I managed to pick up in my spare time. When I actually sat down and read it, though, it seemed like there was some pretty great stuff written in it.

Anyways. That being that, in order to be the perfect butler, you’re here to pick up some skills, huh.

Yeah. For that reason, I’ve been training here at this military camp.

I think that memorizing housework and courtesy is more fun, but I’ve found that this sort of thing is fun, too, now that I’ve gotten used to it.

It’s not normal to find this fun~. Even the adults who come here for training end up giving up.

Aah, that pisses me off. You must be a talented person, huh… I guess “God never gives two gifts” is a lie, then.

Ibara, if you keep at it, you’ll improve too. You have good muscles, after all.

I don’t wanna work hard. If anyone appears to have strength, they’ll be let out onto the actual battlefield, and I don’t want that.

I don’t wanna die yet~. Not without having anything that I was glad to be born for.

At the very least, I want to get my hands on something that I’ll find myself spending my whole life treasuring.

If I head to my grave, without bringing with me something like that, there will be nothing left of me, like ash that flies away when it’s blown on.

Don’t you think that’s incredibly hollow, Instructor, sir?

Please don’t call me that…

I’m something like a guest here, more or less. I may be treated like a superior, with too much respect, because of that—but the truth is, you’ve been here for longer than I have.

I started training after you, though~.

Up until then, I was staying in an orphanage-like place, that takes care of kids who have nowhere else to go. Once you’re old enough to graduate from there, you get thrown straight into this place.

What a lovely system for mass producing soldiers cheaply~. It’s disgusting.

No one takes out their wallet for charity cases. Ahh, it makes me sick… I bet even God is too disgusted to look.

Money, money, money… Those who have money are celebrated, and everyone else is just trash.

How ill-natured, you are… If you came into money somehow, you would just be resented, just as my Master is.

What luxurious problems that guy must have. Love doesn’t fill your stomach, you know, Your Highness?

But it does satisfy your heart. I think. I can’t just believe in lip service like that, though…

But that’s what my grandparents and parents, who have served the Himemiyas across generations, have said.

In my case, those feelings have yet to spring forth within me. It sounds almost too good to be true.

Midnight Gangsters 6

Location: Hallway, Second Floor

Present Time…

(Honestly… Everything still seems unbelievable, like a dream, right now, Ibara.

For the sake of my master, and for the sake of the Himemiya family, I desperately trained, but my body has still not made use of the majority of those skills that I burned into it…

Now, I am somehow living my life as an unbloomed idol.

I wonder where you are, and what you are doing at this very moment. Did you ever find that important thing, that you want to carry with you to your grave?

I, myself, have found it.

After being left at the military camp training school for such a long time, without ever being allowed to return home, my young self began to sulk…

But it was befitting of my nature to remain there, so I had rigorously immersed myself in training.

I thought it better to face the battlefield and dissolve like the morning dew, than to spend my entire life as a millionaire’s pet dog…

Taking hold of my own life, standing in a place where I can control everything—I thought there was no more satisfaction than in that freedom.

However. When I said that as a joke, you were seriously angry with me, weren’t you, Ibara.

You, who always told pointless lies, and was ill-natured.

You called me someone who lived luxuriously—that I should have been satisfied with my life, because I could obtain anything and everything that I could possibly want.

Despite him being such an sorely prideful person, Ibara had even said that he was jealous of me.

And then… Well, I reluctantly came back to the household. Now that I think about it, I suppose that really was my short-lived rebellious phase.

Back then, I truly wanted to die on the battlefield, just to make my parents feel miserable, didn’t I…

I wanted to hurt them, since they had hurt me.

But, well, that immature melancholy of mine was blown away in an instant.

When I returned to the mansion… by chance, my parents were absent, and I was embraced by my sobbing Young Master, who was house-sitting all on his own.

“I was so lonely, please stay with me,”

I will never forget the warmth he gave me, at that moment.

Rather than being a beast that ends others’ lives so cruelly, I realized that it would be better to be a person who protects the life of someone so small and precious.

That there is nothing which can compare to the value and meaning of doing such a thing.

I truly, finally came to see that. I do not know if I am doing a well enough job, and my parents’ scolding still has not faded away, even now.

But I want to stay true to being a butler, and do the best that I possibly can.

For the sake of my Young Master, and for the sake of making using of my life—my existence—in a meaningful way.

I shall carry it with me, to my grave—this lovely warmth.)

Um, Yukkun, is it okay if I talk now?

Hm? Oh, yes, go ahead.

Okay. Man, when I say stuff like that, I feel like someone who can’t get a hint… I don’t like it.

Even I know that I’m the type a’person who’d die first in a horror movie…

What are you talking about?

Never mind. Um, aren’t we walkin’ kinda slow? Yukkun, I know y’said we should be sneaking around ‘n be careful…

But at this rate, by the time we get home, it’ll be morning already.

O’course, I get it, there might be a dangerous scary person lurkin’ around somewhere.

If we do somethin’ careless, then we might never get to go home ever again.

I don’ want that t’happen… But if I take a while to get home, there’s a chance that Oshi-san will come an’ meet me here. He’s actually quite the worrier, y’know.

If Oshi-san got attacked by that, um, terrorist person 'cause of that, it'd be awful. I’d carry the regret with me beyond the grave.

So. Yukkun, can you gimme your phone for a sec?

I just wanna call Oshi-san’s house. I wanna tell ‘em that I got all fired up at karaoke with you and we decided to pull an all-nighter.

Then, even if somethin’ bad happens, at least Oshi-san won’t hafta get involved.

So, is it okay? I don’ have my phone on me today, so I wanna borrow yours.

Hm… I agree with you. It’s always important to keep the worst possible outcome in mind.

Indeed, there is the possibility that my Young Master will become worried over me and come to the school, as well.

Even though he is quite the crybaby and generally timid, he can be surprisingly decisive at times. It is thanks to that that I am always being dragged around by him.

Ahaha, my Oshi-san and your Young Master sound kinda similar, somehow ♪

Fufu. We both go through difficulties, don’t we, Kagehira-sama.

Just a moment. I’ll give you my—


I dunno who’s over there, but you’ve finally given me an opening.

I’ve been waiting for this. In battle, patience leads to victory…!

…Kagehira-sama, get behind me!

Nnah, wha? Wh-wh-what’s goin’ on?

(You’ve finally made your appearance, criminal! It might seem as if I’ve left you an opening, but you’ve been thoroughly ensnared!

You seem to be a formidable opponent, but… Trained warhounds can completely take down wild, carnivorous beasts, such as yourself.)

Prepare yourself…! I have no prior resentment towards you, but you shall die for the sake of a safe future for my Young Master!

Huh? Wh-, wait, wait, wait! Stop! Did you just say, “Young Master”?

You… Are you actually Fushimi, from fine?

Oh? Are you not Akatsuki’s Kiryu-sama…?


…Well then. For now, shall we share what we know with each other, and figure out what is happening?

It seems as if we may have wasted quite a bit of time doing something incredibly foolish.


Location: Front Gate

Fuhahahaha! All’s well that ends well!

It was all just a misunderstanding! I’m glad! There were no bad guys in this world after all!

It was only a tragedy brought about by a terrible misunderstanding between one another! Let’s do our very best to learn from our mistakes so that this never happens again! Promise me that! ☆

Morisawa, you’re seriously loud… We haven’t actually made sure if the terrorist is around or not… Also, it’s midnight right now, so you’re gonna bother the neighborhood.

Ahh! Sorry! A weight was lifted off my shoulders, and it put me in a weird hyper mood!

It’s like, I’m suddenly really exhausted, but I’m also feeling super hyper! Fuhahaha! ☆

Totally getcha. It’s like this loud guy says, I didn’t even do anything, but I feel tired all of a sudden…

I always sleep at this time, so I’m feelin’ sleepy now that I’m at ease…

Ahh, yeah, it’s pitch black now.

…Uh, Kagehira, you live with Itsuki, right? It’s dangerous at night, should I walk you home?

Nnah?! No no! I’m like, just fine, really!

Both you and Itsuki don’t seem fine, though… Meh, I guess I don’t really have the right to say anythin'.

Everyone~♪ I’ve finished calling. I requested the family chauffeur to escort us out.

You will be brought safely back to your homes, so please, do not worry.

Oh, sorry for the trouble. Thanks a lot. My neighborhood ain’t the safest place, so I didn’t want to be walkin’ around there this late at night.

Fufu, we are all idols, after all… You must keep yourselves safe, and not take any chances.

It is quite presumptuous of me to go to this length, but please do accept this favor of mine.

Yukkun, you’re usin’ too many big words, so I don’ really know what you’re saying…

Um, so you’re bringing me home by car? Thank you very much ♪

You’re a lifesaver. I’m so tired I don’ think I could walk. I’m gonna try and sleep in the car.

Same here! What a strange night we had… I feel like I got some valuable experience out of it.

You think? All that happened tonight was two morons mistakin' each other for a terrorist, and then almost startin' a fight over it.

Anyone watchin' would think it’s some ridiculous joke—This is so idiotic, I swear.

But I’m glad nothing bad actually happened. We’re looking back on it and laughing because we now know it was all a silly misunderstanding.

If something like this happens again, don’t try to solve it by yourself. Please just contact the police authorities.

I don’t want to see you get hurt, Kiryuu.

After all, a civilized country is a place where the law judges the people. People aren’t supposed to be doing the judgement.

Heroes who take down evildoers by themselves can only exist in tokusatsu shows, unfortunately.

Haha, can’t believe you of all people would say something Danna would say.

You’re a proper hero, alright? Even if you don’t ever punch bad guys.


…What’s up, Fushimi? Everything’s been settled. Why’re you still making a face?

No… Something seems a little off.

(As a butler of the Himemiya family, my handling of the situation should be correct. I shouldn't be trying to deal with this matter on my own, and instead should leave it to the professionals.

I reported it to the security firm held by the Himemiyas just a moment ago, and they quickly dispatched their personnel.

In fact, if the terrorist really is lurking about, they will be able to handle it perfectly.

But, I wonder what this discomfort is… No, this feeling of déjà vu, rather.

I have this unsettling feeling, as if I have been skillfully manipulated by someone.

As if my thoughts and actions have been read, and been conveniently used.

It would truly be nice if everything was a misunderstanding—including this feeling, too.

‘Nothing bad happened’, ‘there was no ruffian’, ‘nobody was hurt’…could we really let this all end with a ‘happily ever after’?)

…Fufu. This isn't good, I let myself become too nervous over things.

It seems the car is here to pick us up. Let us head home, everyone.

Location: Hallway


Alright everyone, attention! From here on out, under the pretense of searching for the terrorist lurking inside the academy, we’re going to thoroughly investigate every nook and cranny! Salute~☆

It doesn’t matter if it’s trivial!

Who likes who, their weak subjects, their test scores—investigate every single thing about these students, and compile the data.

There will surely be a day when it all becomes useful. Fu fu fu, everything is going according to plan…♪

(Obviously, after receiving a terrorist threat, Yumenosaki Academy would make their security stronger.

However, as they have directed security reinforcements to search for this terrorist, they have left quite the hole in their plan.

Within their security personnel, I have placed my own people.

Those comprising of Yumenosaki Academy’s defenses are branches from that private military company, after all.

There exists many people within this company, that I have soaked with poison to do my bidding.

They are being controlled, exposing Yumenosaki Academy’s weaknesses and flaws through their positions.

This is not some TV program. Wolves are always lurking in sheep’s clothing.

Even if it is corrupt, Yumenosaki still stands at the top, as the industry leader—it is a nuisance to the rest of us.

The day will come, sooner or later, when we will clash. That is why I must build up my forces, until they are flawless.

Let him who desires peace, prepare for war.

I said that to you, but you still wound up forgetting it… Instructor.

When I saw your name on the list of students enrolled at Yumenosaki Academy, I broke out in a cold sweat, but… you’ve gotten surprisingly dull. It’s a shame, really.

Ever since then, I’ve rigorously trained, built up experience, and gotten stronger~. Different from you, who’s been lazing about in this peaceful place.10)

If we met on the battlefield, it would be my win. I would kill you in one clean shot, right in the head.

Ahh, I cannot wait for that day to come!

Life is truly wonderful, ahahahaha!! ☆)

Translation Notes

  1. Mika says 塵も積もれば何とやらやろ here, which is supposed to be the idiom 塵も積もれば山となる (“even a pile of trash becomes a mountain, if you keep piling it up”). Either he decided to cut it off, because he figured that Yuzuru knows the rest, or he simply forgot how the idiom is supposed to end.
  2. Yuzuru uses 俺 (‘ore’) here, instead of his usual わたくし (‘watakushi’) for his pronoun. It’s a lot rougher and more boyish than what he typically uses—‘watakushi’ is quite formal, like the rest of Yuzuru’s current speech style. I believe he is trying to distance himself from his position as a butler, and fit in more with the atmosphere of the military camp. Also, while current Ibara speaks in formal speech, young Ibara speaks in typical casual speech here. He also uses 'ore', similarly to young Yuzuru.
  3. This is the only moment Ibara speaks in formal speech, as it was his attempt to deceive Yuzuru into thinking he completed his squats.
  4. Ibara calls Yuzuru お坊ちゃん (‘obocchan’) here. Basically, he’s trying to mock Yuzuru, since he comes from a well-off place, even if Yuzuru isn’t actually a Young Master, like Ibara is calling him.
  5. Ibara doesn’t exactly use ‘drill sergeant’ here; he says something more along the lines of “demon general”. ‘Drill sergeant’ fits nicely though, considering the situation and what he was going for. And yes, Ibara does call Yuzuru an (albeit censored) son-of-a-bitch.
  6. Imitation Ultras, also known as Fake Ultras, are basically villains who pretended to be Ultraman for the sake of infiltration, ruining Ultraman's reputation, or just to be as powerful as Ultraman.
  7. This is a play on words. Yuzuru says ‘prickly’ here, meaning ‘ill-natured’, but it is also a reference to Ibara’s name, which means ‘thorny shrub​’.
  8. Yuzuru says 袖振り合うも多生の縁, which essentially refers to someone who you meet by chance, who you feel to have had a connection with in your previous life. It’s really quite profound, considering that Yuzuru is pretty young here.
  9. Ibara is quoting Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus’ De re militari, Book III, here! The actual Latin is si vis pacem para bellum! It’s a Roman military tactics book. This book isn’t actually a scripture, but Ibara seems to consider it to be one.
  10. Ibara uses ‘ore’ here. Nowadays, he typically uses ‘jibun’.