Stella Maris – Kanata Mini Talk: secrets to [leadership]

Mini talk
Point of View


…oh? anzu-san, hello~

i was just talking to rei a moment ago. i asked him about the [secrets] to [leadership]~♪

i will be ryuseitai's [leader] next. so i am asking people with experience in [leadership] all sorts of things…♪

It sounds like it'll come in handy.

fufu. but the conversation [derailed] at one point, and we just started [chatting]~

at least now we have [properly] confirmed where we will go next for the [mystery researchers] circle. i am so excited for that day…♪

It's a huge responsibility, isn't it?

that may be true… but as long as i am alive, i cannot avoid [responsibilities].

i will do my best to find out what i can do, and do it in my own way…♪

What sort of secrets?

what sort of mindset to have as a [leader], [how] to [guide] anyone who will not listen to you… all kinds of things.

but everyone in ryuseitai are good kids, so i do not think i will have an [opportunity] to make use of it. still, i do not [lose] out on keeping it in mind…♪


ehe. i feel as though i took [one step forward] as a [leader]…♪

oh yes, speaking of. anzu-san is also like a [leader] for [idols], yes?

since we are talking, i would love to hear [advice] from you, if you have any~♪

I make sure to listen to what their thoughts.

i see. you [ensure] that you listen to what others have to [say], don't you?

chiaki is like that too, and i feel as though that sort of [leader] is very [trustworthy]. thank you for letting me know something so useful~♪

I make sure to keep my promises.

that's true, it is nice when others keep a [promise], no matter how small.

i would like to be a [leader] who keeps [promises], too. no, i will work hard to become that…♪

I make sure to have confidence in my decisions.

nobody will want to follow a [leader] with no [confidence]? i see, that might be true.

but… if there is a time you do not have [confidence] in yourself, i will not abandon you, anzu-san. please loosen yourself up a little every once in a while~♪


i think i pushed myself to the limits, so i am exhausted now… it is time i take a [break].

anzu-san, you will go meet with shinobu and tetora for [something], yes?

may i join you? i feel like if i were to see those [two], it would soothe me…♪

Of course.

thank you very much~♪ i will make sure not to get in anyone's [way]~

this is a wonderful opportunity to bring some [refreshments]. may i drop by a [shop] for a moment?

Let's have tea together.

oh, you are not in a hurry to speak to them about the [job], are you? then i would love to have [tea] with everyone~♪

oh yes, i found a nice restaurant that serves [simmered fish]. if you are hungry, how about we go there?

Shall we invite the other two?

do you mean chiaki and midori? oh, i see. it is about time for their [job] to end, yes~?

okay then, i will [contact] them from my side. i hope we can all gather and talk together…♪