Stella Maris – Chiaki Mini Talk: Torn Tracksuit

Mini talk
Point of View


Mmm~… It's just not going well…

Kiryu looked to be busy, so I only borrowed a sewing kit… But with how difficult it's been, I feel like I should've just asked him to fix it up for me another day.

No— Don't give up now, Morisawa Chiaki! As long as you don't give up, you'll be able to accomplish anything!

What's wrong?

Ooh, Anzu! I was doing some dance lessons, when the knee area of my tracksuit pants got torn.

I'm trying to stitch it back together on my own, but it's pretty difficult…

What are you sewing?

Dowah!? You showed up behind me, that I almost thought it was a ghost!

…Ah, no, I'm sorry too. I was so focused on fixing my tracksuit pants that I didn't even notice you calling for me.

You seem to be struggling.

Anzu… As you can see, the stitch is all over the place…

Unsurprisingly, I don't have enough experience to stitch something up as well as you and Kiryu can.


Mm? You'll stitch up my tracksuit for me?

That'd help me immensely! I wasn't getting anywhere doing it on my own…!

But… That means I'll have nothing to do. Hm, is there anything I could help you with?

Could you buy me some fabric?

I see, since a huge chunk of it got ripped, you'll need fabric of the same color, right?

I'll go buy some for you right away! You wait here with a cup of tea, if you like!

Please cheer for me.

Mhm! That's my area of expertise! ☆ You've got this, Anzu, you can do it!

…Oh! I was a little too loud there. This is a public space, so I'll make sure to keep it down.


You can't think of anything…? But I'd feel bad if I did nothing but watch as you work…

Alright, I'll go buy juice and something sweet in the meantime. Let me know if there's anything you want in particular~♪


Oh— You're already done? You're incredible as always, Anzu!

You'd like me to do a final check-up, in case there are any other problems? Honestly, I don't feel like there's any problem as long as the hole is patched up, but… Hmm, let's see…?

Ohhh…! It's so neatly done, I can't even tell where the rip was in the first place! You're amazing, Anzu…☆

I'm so glad.

You really helped me out so much! Tenshouin passed by a while back, and told me to simply buy a new one, but… I'd rather get it stitched back up to wear it again.

I can now practice a lot in this tracksuit again. It's all thanks to you, thank you!

I'm not as good as Kiryu-senpai…

Oh yeah, the person who taught you how to sew was Kiryu, right? It's wonderful to aim to be like your mentor, but there's no harm in being prideful of your skill.

I think it's good to be more confident in your own skills…! ☆ Be proud that you perfectly stitched up these pants!

Please let me know if your clothes rip again.

Thank you, Anzu! You're so reliable, like a true hero!

I'm no match for your sewing skills, but still — if you're ever in trouble, call for me. I'll always come rushing to you! ☆