About This Translation Blog Site


Heya, this is 310mc's Translation site! In here, I'll be posting my unofficial JP→ENG translations for any series I'm interested in. I also JP proofread for translators, mainly in Ensemble Stars (Enstars) ♪

Be sure to check my translation masterlist, categories, or tags to navigate the site!

You can also contact me anytime on twitter.

※ Everything on this site is unofficial and for non-profit.

Translation Bias

I'm most likely to translate the following content:

Ensemble Stars

  1. Midori-related stories
  2. Chiaki-related stories
  3. Ryuseitai-related stories

Reporting Mistakes

If you ever spot a typo, mistranslation, grammar or punctuation error in my translations;

Or if you spot an error (broken TL note, glitch, etc.) on the site;

Please feel free to let me know by messaging me on retrospring or sending an email ( contact 310mctranslations@gmail.com )! I'd be happy to know of any problems in my translations or website. Thank you!


HUGEST thank you to Ren who customized this ENTIRE site's code to be used for Enstars translators. It's literally all thanks to him that I can make all the translations look pretty and exciting! Another thank you to stars-ensemble for guiding me with Github and helping me get used to the setup!

Thank you to gradualcolors for their game assets (such as chibis, cards, banners, etc.), and the Ensemble Stars Wiki for its screenshots and data!